Fantasies CAN come True

Not all fantasies have to be about unreality, like my magical realm that I use in so many of my stories or the exotic planets of my space dreams. Fantasies of the future can indeed come to life. This type of fantasizing is absolutely essential if you wish to create the future that you want for yourself, in fact, you will never succeed in any endeavor if you do not fantasize about it.

The key to succeeding at something is about ten percent knowledge, another ten percent of pure will power and eighty percent visualization. Put simply, you MUST see yourself as having already done it, that it’s already an accomplished fact, before you even start. That’s eighty percent of the battle that’s already fought and WON!

From even before I began to write my novel, I saw it as a published book. Before I ever started working with the artist I knew exactly what the cover should look like, and indeed, it did end up looking exactly like I envisioned it. Visualization, which is just another way of saying fantasizing, kept me focused.

I can give you another great example from my quest to become a pilot. One of the first things my CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) started drilling into my head was the importance of what he referred to as “Arm Chair Flying”. He explained that from a student pilot like myself to a fifty thousand hour Airline Pilot, that Arm Chair Flying is one of the best teaching tools of the trade.

Arm Chair Flying is where you literally sit down in a chair, close your eyes, clear your mind, then picture yourself at the controls of your aircraft. Whatever the maneuver you are trying to perfect, you do it, with all of the detail and accuracy that your mind will allow.

Make Believe, Fantasy, Arm Chair Flying, whichever you choose to call it, is how a pilot perfects everything from landing the plane to handling a rare emergency. Even the pilots that have access to a multi-million dollar flight simulator still practice Armchair Flying at home.

So in conclusion let me wrap this post up by saying that Fantasizing is a wonderful tool that can be used to help you learn, establish routines, reach for your goals as well as all of the other uses that you’ve already found for it.


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