My very first Fantasy World

Between my elementary school and my house, which were practically within sight of each other, there was a small patch of woods. Those few acres became my private playground and was also the physical location of my very first fantasy world. I guess I should say worlds, because although I had a few favorites that I visualized over and over, it was seldom the same twice in a row.

Sometimes I would pretend to be a big game hunter on a safari, or an explorer on an expedition into a forbidden forest or even an archeologist in a deep, dark jungle looking for a lost city, but my two favorites by far were alien worlds and the magical realm.  The alien worlds truly gave my imagination a free reign, literally anything was possible, where as in the magical realm I was always a powerful wizard battling the dark forces or riding dragons or brooms, weaving spells with my wand or staff.

I used to wile away the hours there playing in my make believe fantasy worlds. Once, before my parents knew exactly where I was disappearing to, I was there long enough that they got worried and had the entire police force of my small home town, at least fifteen men, looking for me. After that I had to tell my parents when and where I was going and they’d tell me when to come home, I did get my first watch out of  the deal anyway.

I want to stress, for any kids out there reading this, it was a gentler time back then, not as much to happen to a kid alone in the woods. In these modern, more dangerous times, ALWAYS let your parents know exactly where you are and what you are doing, AND get their approval too. There’s too many bad people out there now that wouldn’t think twice about hurting a kid. Although I promote fantasizing, always put safety first, fun and adventure second, then have a blast.


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